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September 19, 2008 14:53 by admin

My name is Piers Lawson and I’m a software developer… there, I said it.

I’ve developed for other platforms and used other tools, but I have gradually found myself using Microsoft tools to develop software, to run on Microsoft platforms, most of the time. That is where I am at the moment and I’m not unhappy about it.

Over the years I’ve been glad of the large network of developers who have shared their knowledge for free on the internet. Finding somebody else has solved a similar problem to the one you are facing is always a benefit, even if it doesn’t quite solve your own issue. In the past I have published some articles on The Code Project. I wanted to continue contributing to the community, but no longer have the time to write large articles. Publishing small articles (possibly as a series) will hopefully be more practical and blogging seems to be the best mechanism.

I’ll be using this blog to ruminate about software development. Hopefully describing some nuggets of information I have picked up along the way. Currently, I’m interested in RESTful web services and with the latest release of the ASP.Net MVC (Preview 5) it seemed like a good time to see how well it could support such a web service.

I’d welcome any feedback on my postings… especially if you disagree with some of the information or it is just plain wrong. There is a comment form at the bottom of each post, or the contact page will let you send me an email.

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