Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 10 – Creating a Resource With PUT

November 15, 2008 00:57 by admin

So far, in this series of posts, we have got to the stage where we can retrieve different representations of a resource and we can delete a resource using either the HTTP verb DELETE or an overloaded POST. In this entry we will allow the client to PUT a resource onto the server.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 9 – Overloading POST

November 9, 2008 00:10 by admin

In my last post we introduced overloading of POST as a way to allow clients that can’t make PUT or DELETE requests. We handled the overloading within the controller… the ItemPost method looked for a query string parameter “_method” and if it found it, handed off processing to one of the other actions.

At the end of that post I admitted I wasn’t happy with the approach (as much the same code would be needed time and again throughout the web service) and I suggested some alternatives. As promised, I’ve thought about it and in this post I’ll present the solution I chose.