Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 22 – Reviewing the Rest features in MvcFutures 2

May 1, 2010 22:54 by admin

When ASP.Net MVC 2 came out, it included support for overloading POST requests, something I had previously incorporated into our RESTful framework. The release also came with the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s experimentation with providing a RESTful framework for ASP.Net MVC (this is part of the ASP.NET MVC 2 Futures download). I looked at their first offering in an earlier post when it was known as the “Rest for ASP.Net MVC SDK”. It had some interesting ideas, but wasn’t comprehensive enough for me. So with this new release, I was keen to see if I could retire our framework (or at least parts of it) and use some of the new features. So here I’ll look at each feature I’d like to see in a RESTful web service and see how well it is supported, as well as look at some new ideas altogether.