A RESTful Wizard Using ASP.Net MVC 2… using Data Annotations

September 18, 2009 00:39 by admin

In my last post I created a wizard using the basic ASP.Net MVC 1. That version of the wizard reduced the Controller’s knowledge of the View to the bare minimum required. In this post I want to try to get the same functionality using the Data Annotations Model Binder Sample. My hope was that using Data Annotations, rather than hand crafted validation, would reduce the need for the controller to understand the details of the model.


A RESTful Wizard Using ASP.Net MVC… Perhaps?

September 16, 2009 00:56 by admin

Over the last few weeks I have been creating a new web site using ASP.Net MVC. One area I was unsure as to how to approach was account registration. The default project creates a simple account registration page, but I wanted something more complex… more like a wizard.