Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 13 – Round up so far

December 12, 2008 01:01 by admin

In this entry I would like to round up where we have got to so far with this web service. Over the last 13 posts we have developed a fairly functional web service that sticks pretty much to the ideas presented in Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby’s book RESTful Web Services. It is developed using C# using the (currently Beta) MVC framework from Microsoft that extends the ASP.Net framework.

As an aside, I’ve also taken on board a comment from Stephan and moved some of the reusable classes into their own assembly.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 11 – Supporting Incoming XHTML

November 21, 2008 01:05 by admin

In my last post we added functionality to the web service to accept incoming representations in the form of a PUT request. At the end of that post I admitted I hadn’t implemented the functionality to accept an incoming XHTML representation. The problem was with parsing a string of XHTML using .Net’s built in XML parsers. Loading XHTML straight into an XmlReader causes either an, “An error has occurred while opening external DTD” or a, “Reference to undeclared entity” exception.

In this post we’ll crack that problem.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 10 – Creating a Resource With PUT

November 15, 2008 00:57 by admin

So far, in this series of posts, we have got to the stage where we can retrieve different representations of a resource and we can delete a resource using either the HTTP verb DELETE or an overloaded POST. In this entry we will allow the client to PUT a resource onto the server.