Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 23 – Bug Fixes and Area Support

June 6, 2010 00:04 by admin

Joel Feaster emailed to say he was having trouble with the Accept header handling of the web service. When he used jQuery’s getJSON method it would use the following Accept header:

application/json, text/javascript, */*

You’ll notice there are no q parameters in that header, so according to the HTTP 1.1 specification, they should all be treated as having a q value of 1. However, the specification does not dictate which format should take precedence when all acceptable formats have the same q value. But looking at that header and knowing it comes from a method named getJSON, you might hope the web service would pick application/json.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 22 – Reviewing the Rest features in MvcFutures 2

May 1, 2010 22:54 by admin

When ASP.Net MVC 2 came out, it included support for overloading POST requests, something I had previously incorporated into our RESTful framework. The release also came with the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s experimentation with providing a RESTful framework for ASP.Net MVC (this is part of the ASP.NET MVC 2 Futures download). I looked at their first offering in an earlier post when it was known as the “Rest for ASP.Net MVC SDK”. It had some interesting ideas, but wasn’t comprehensive enough for me. So with this new release, I was keen to see if I could retire our framework (or at least parts of it) and use some of the new features. So here I’ll look at each feature I’d like to see in a RESTful web service and see how well it is supported, as well as look at some new ideas altogether.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 21 – Moving to MVC 2.0

March 27, 2010 00:19 by admin

Now that ASP.Net MVC 2.0 is out, I’ve upgraded the RESTful Web Service to use it. I’ve also taken this opportunity to round up the features we have built into the RESTful web service support so far.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 20 – Injecting RESTfulness and Better Encoding

January 16, 2010 00:42 by admin

In this series of posts, I have concentrated upon creating a truly RESTful web service… it has not been a priority to use the full power of ASP.Net MVC’s extensibility. However, this has resulted in a solution that is too intrusive into ASP.Net MVC. The consequences being, any web service developed with the Shoulders of Giants DLL can be difficult to write unit tests for or extend in other directions… so with this and my previous post, I hope to address this.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 19 – Baking in Method and Content Type Overloading

December 20, 2009 14:08 by admin

A little while back I reviewed the Rest for ASP.NET MVC SDK that was released by Microsoft WCF team. I liked some of the ideas it contained so promised to bring some of those into our code. Well, I’ve finally started to do that.


HTTP Error 405 With ASP.Net MVC and HTTP PUT on IIS 7.5

November 27, 2009 21:11 by admin

I have been doing most of my ASP.Net MVC RESTful web service development on IIS6 or IIS7. Recently however, I tried it on Windows 7 RTM using IIS7.5. Using the “Classic .Net AppPool” everything worked great. Then I tried the “DefaultAppPool” (i.e. using Integrated Mode). Everything seemed fine… until I wanted to PUT a new resource and DELETE a resource.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 18 – Tidying Up

November 23, 2009 22:38 by Admin

Over the last year I written a whole series of articles looking at creating a RESTful web service. For some time I’ve been meaning to tidy up the DLL that provides the RESTful functionality… and finally I’ve got round to it!


A RESTful Wizard Using ASP.Net MVC 2… using Data Annotations

September 18, 2009 00:39 by admin

In my last post I created a wizard using the basic ASP.Net MVC 1. That version of the wizard reduced the Controller’s knowledge of the View to the bare minimum required. In this post I want to try to get the same functionality using the Data Annotations Model Binder Sample. My hope was that using Data Annotations, rather than hand crafted validation, would reduce the need for the controller to understand the details of the model.


A RESTful Wizard Using ASP.Net MVC… Perhaps?

September 16, 2009 00:56 by admin

Over the last few weeks I have been creating a new web site using ASP.Net MVC. One area I was unsure as to how to approach was account registration. The default project creates a simple account registration page, but I wanted something more complex… more like a wizard.


Creating a RESTful Web Service Using ASP.Net MVC Part 17 – Reviewing the Rest for ASP.NET MVC SDK

September 5, 2009 00:37 by admin

A few days ago, a Rest for ASP.NET MVC SDK was released by the WCF team onto CodePlex. I spotted this very low key release after it was mentioned on Phil Haack’s blog. He asks for feedback on the ideas in the SDK and samples, as many of them are being considered for future releases of the main ASP.Net MVC. So after an initial tyre kicking, I thought I’d look at how hard it would be to migrate my web service to this SDK, what would be the benefits and would I have to make any compromises.